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Pure harmony and passionate art

Leila is half Swiss and half Tunisian. Raised and born in Switzerland.
She is living now in Portugal.

The daughter of one of the greatest artists, she got inspirations from early childhood.
Leila paints abstract, sometimes even with her eyes closed, just being guided by her higher self. The splendor of life, the magical and abstract quality of everything that surrounds us. The relaxation and sobriety of Leila’s artwork inspire universes of tranquility where the unreal transmits balance, harmony, and peace, that flow freely from her pictorial creations.

Art was always in Leila`s heart.
During her entire life, she was surrounded by pure, passionate, and mysterious art.
The artist always knew that all she wanted to do is to create art. But for that, she needed to experience life first. She studied Method Acting in Hollywood. Leila started to collect feelings. Everything she experienced in the past happened for a reason.

Leila is very Spiritual and gives each of her paintings a little magic spark.

She painted all her life. Now she paints her life

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